About The Grove at Shoal Creek

At The Grove at Shoal Creek, we are currently working with several partners to entitle a vibrant community on 75 acres of land near the intersection of 45th Street and Bull Creek.

The vision for The Grove at Shoal Creek includes homes, neighborhood businesses, as well as park space. Overall, our collective goal is to build a legacy project in the heart of Austin that will flourish for the next 100 years.

We will create a place that beckons pedestrians and bicyclists, and also preserves many acres of park space filled with native wildflowers and live oak trees. 

With your support now, The Grove at Shoal Creek will soon become a community we will all be proud to live in, reside nearby, and enjoy every day. 

Moreover, The Grove at Shoal Creek will help turn the dream of Imagine Austin into reality. 

Contact us or Like us on Facebook to find out how you can help us build The Grove at Shoal Creek.