About Our Historic Plan for Affordable Housing

The Grove is Part of the Solution

Affordability is one of the greatest challenges Austin faces today. We’re doing our part to help solve this community-wide problem by generously providing an unprecedented amount of affordable housing in the central city.

The Grove has committed to make 10 percent of all rental units and 5 percent of all for-sale units affordable long term in one of the most expensive and least integrated areas of Austin where the median home price exceeds $540,000.

Under our proposal, this commitment would result in more than 100 affordable units distributed throughout The Grove.

Superior Affordability

Most urban Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) pay a “fee in lieu” of providing on-site affordable housing, so The Grove could have offered to pay a “fee in lieu” to the City of Austin of only $3 million. Instead, The Grove is choosing to provide affordable housing in West Austin at an estimated cost of more than $20 million.

The Grove is also superior in that our affordable housing commitments are made as a percentage of all residential units built in the project. This far exceeds what is required under the city’s PUD ordinance, which calculates affordable rental and for-sale housing targets as percentages only of the “bonus density” square footage, or the additional amount of space the developer could build with PUD zoning compared to what would be allowed under traditional zoning.

Affordable Housing for Teachers

As part of our affordable housing program, The Grove has committed to reserving 19 of the affordable for-sale units for teachers in the Austin Independent School District.

“This project could serve as a model for how the private sector can successfully leverage valuable resources and offer them to the school district, at no additional cost to the district or taxpayers,” said Nicole K. Conley, Chief Financial Officer of AISD.

Missing Middle

The Grove will also address Austin’s affordability challenge through its market rate housing, which will include a wide range of moderately priced “Missing Middle” housing types such as ADUs, live/works units, apartments, condos, and multiple sizes of townhouses and detached homes. In fact, only 21 units in The Grove will be the highest-end detached houses.

Share Our Vision

If you share our vision for The Grove at Shoal Creek and support our proposal for affordable housing, please click here to send one email that will reach the Mayor and all of the City Council Members. 

“We believe it is important to incorporate affordable housing in a part of the city where land values are high, and it’s economically challenging to do so,” said Garrett Martin, Manager of ARG Bull Creek LTD. “The Grove at Shoal Creek is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a project that provides an array of community benefits encompassed in one project: expansive parkland, diversity of housing types, extensive traffic mitigation that's paid for, heritage tree preservation, storm water detention above and beyond requirements to help reduce Shoal Creek drainage issues, access to exemplary schools, public transportation, and neighborhood businesses. And now we can add affordable housing to that list of benefits.”

“It is clear to everyone in Austin that affordable housing is in great need throughout Austin. Through our community engagement, we heard a call for affordable housing from the community. While this is an economic challenge, we believe it is the right thing to do for the project, the neighborhood and the city,” said Martin.