Good News from AISD about Schools and The Grove at Shoal Creek

On October 5, 2015, Austin Independent School District (AISD) issued an Educational Impact Statement based on a comprehensive study of the effects of The Grove at Shoal Creek. 

The study projects Bryker Woods Elementary School will operate within its optimal range with the additional students from The Grove at Shoal Creek.

We are happy to share this news with you, since a few weeks ago we addressed community concerns expressed by some of our neighbors about the educational impact of The Grove at Shoal Creek on Bryker Woods Elementary School. 

In a message on Sept. 11, we sought to assure everyone that we had been in communication with AISD district planning staff since we purchased the property in February.  Since then, we have assisted with the information needed to complete the impact analysis, and we conveyed our desire to work with AISD long after the project is under construction.

Accordingly, over the last few weeks, AISD conducted a comprehensive analysis of the educational effects of The Grove at Shoal Creek and prepared its Educational Impact Statement for city officials and the community. The analysis involved a review of current school capacity, market trends, enrollment projections and data provided by us.

The district’s analysis sought to answer the question of whether our neighborhood schools, and particularly Bryker Woods Elementary, can handle more students.  This question is best answered by determining whether a school would operate within AISD’s optimal range of between 75% and 115% capacity.

Currently, Bryker Woods Elementary operates at 75% capacity for students within its service area. AISD projects total enrollment at Bryker Woods Elementary to decrease by 9% over the next five years if The Grove at Shoal Creek is not built. 

In its Educational Impact Statement, AISD projects Bryker Woods Elementary to fall within the target range at 115% in School Year 2019-20, with The Grove at Shoal Creek students. 

We are pleased to know that AISD believes our schools can handle the number of students who would attend Bryker Woods Elementary from The Grove at Shoal Creek.  

We are committed to continuing to collaborate with AISD to ensure your children and the children of our future residents will receive an educational experience at the standards you’ve come to expect at Bryker Woods Elementary and its comparable, high-performing AISD schools.

Click here to download the AISD Educational Impact Statement. 

Click here to download the infographic.