We're Adding a New Greenbelt and Increasing Public Park and Open Space!

Today, The Grove at Shoal Creek is excited to announce a big change!

We are adding a new, 50-ft. wide greenbelt on the north side of The Grove at Shoal Creek. 

This change in our master plan comes in response to requests from the BCRC and from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department for more parkland. 

The new 50-ft. wide greenbelt will create a Green Gateway for walkers, runners, cyclists and anyone else to enjoy from the 45th Street and Bull Creek Rd. intersection all the way to the Signature Park. 

The new Green Gateway will be wider than a typical 4-lane street. And it is even more spacious than the area we had previously planned to buffer the houses facing 45th Street on the northern side of The Grove. 

The addition of the Green Gateway raises The Grove at Shoal Creek up to 18.62 acres of public park and open space that will be dedicated to the City of Austin. That means close to 25% of The Grove will be dedicated as public park and open space—24.6% to be exact. 

To put The Grove’s 18.62 acres of public park and open space into perspective, consider the following:

  • For a size comparison, the Astrodome, which everyone can agree is very big, covers 9.5 acres. So you can just about fit two Astrodomes into the amount of space The Grove is dedicating as public park and open space. 
  • For a percentage comparison, 20% of the Mueller development is park space—and 24.5% of The Grove is public park and open space. Moreover, the land for the Mueller development came at no cost. It was free. It was a gift to the City of Austin by the federal government. As everyone knows, The Grove was purchased for $47 million.
  • From a city budget comparison, the Triangle Commons’ beloved park space was made possible after Austin taxpayers invested $3.2 million to preserve it. Instead, The Grove is asking for no investment from taxpayers for parkland. Plus, The Grove is proposing to pay for the care and ongoing maintenance of the public park and open space, so the City of Austin can apply its limited dollars elsewhere. And The Grove is prepared to spend more than $1 million on park improvements.

The Grove’s 18.62 acres of park spaces is an incredible opportunity that we just can’t pass up to add more public park and open space in central Austin. 

And we have another announcement! It’s time to start planning the park.

Please mark your calendars to join us for a Park Design Meeting on December 12th at 10:30 AM in Westminster’s Harris Bell Hall. 

This will be your opportunity to help program the park at The Grove that will impact generations to come. We’ll look at potential uses along with the professionals who will gather and use your input as they design the park master plan. 

Stay tuned. We’ll have more details in the coming days.