Notes from Meeting with Idlewild Road Residents

On March 4, 2015, we met with Idlewild Road residents. 

Items discussed included:

1. Construction Fatigue. Idlewild Road is enduring a multi-year construction project. The residents are stressed about another multi-year construction project.
2. Construction and Materials. Construction staging and activity must be sensitive to the fact that some residents are retired, working at home, or simply tired of construction noise.
3. Spacing. Residents want sufficient space planned between their backyards and the properties and construction in “Area 5." A minimum setback of 25 feet was discussed.
4. Homes behind Idlewild. Idlewild residents preferred detached, single-family detached homes behind the space between Idlewild homes and the construction.
5. Security. We were asked to implement security measures to prevent problems from temporary workers or other personnel during construction, and between the development and Idlewild homes that abut the development. We agreed to put a fence up behind Idlewild before construction begins. The details of the fencing will be discussed at a future meeting with the Idlewild neighborhood.

6. Water Flow. The issue of seeping underground water was discussed in depth to make sure we understand the problem faced by many residents and how they hope the our project will improve the situation. Ridgelea property owners had a meeting on March 10 with us and city and state officials about this issue.