Feb. 26 - Notes from BCRC Meeting

On Feb. 26, we met with the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC).

Items discussed included:

1.    The Planning Process – We are meeting with architects to develop a preliminary master plan. Look for a date later in March when a plan will be presented.

2.    Planned Unit Development vs. Traditional Zoning - Each has its plusses and minuses. We are still not sure which way to go. We’ll know better once we review a preliminary master plan, and get some feedback from the City. 

3.    Traffic - We are studying the performance of intersections around the Bull Creek property and trying to determine the best way forward. We are also looking at how alternate forms of transportation impact our traffic studies. 

4.    Shoal Creek Trail Extension – There are lots of hurdles here. We want to see it happen, but it may take some time due to various stakeholders and landowners.

5.    Meeting with neighbors closest to the Bull Creek property – We are actively meeting those most affected by a future community, such as 45th Street residents and Ridgelea neighborhood residents, and discussing issues such as traffic and groundwater. 

6.    Workforce Housing – We discussed the options that we are considering when it comes to including workforce housing.

For more information about these series of meetings, please contact Jason Meeker at info@thegroveatshoalcreek.com or by phone at 512-553-9188. Space is very limited, so persons not affiliated with the Bull Creek Road Coalition are asked to please contact Jason Meeker about attending a meeting.