What should a home at The Grove look like ?

Thank you very much to all who attended our Residential Design Charrette this past Saturday at Stinson's. We were also grateful that District 10 Council Member Sheri Gallo was also able to attend. 

At the request of the Friends of The Grove, Robert Deegan of Norris Design led an engaging and collaborative meeting with a diverse group of Austinites -- all with a deep concern for improving the housing choices we have in our city.

We heard from folks with a range of life stages and backgrounds. And we heard a lot about some interesting housing types that work in other urban areas, but don’t exist in Austin today.

Over the course of the charrette and discussion, a few core themes emerged, including:

  • The importance of a sense of community and designing housing in such a way that it encourages casual interactions between neighbors and others.
  • A desire to see a broad diversity of housing types on the site, hitting a wide variety of price points, and to have those housing types mixed rather than segregated, including mixing rental and for sale.
  • A strong interest in creating a positive relationship between housing and the street.
  • Desire for walkable retail and nearby park space.
  • Ideas for taking a new approach to parking, including unbundling parking cost from housing cost to some degree to provide financial incentive for choosing to live car-free.
  • Desire for architectural interest and expression.
  • An overall desire to change the norm for housing in Austin and set new precedents for what is possible and would be embraced.

We look forward to many more of these positive engagements with the community.