Traffic Update

Traffic is perhaps the most important topic everyone talks about in relation to The Grove. Traffic is very important to us too. Since the beginning, we’ve listened to the community and we hear your concerns about vehicular trips, so we are spending a lot of time and resources studying traffic. 

We want to update you about what we are doing to develop solutions related to traffic in and around The Grove. 

Right now, our planning process includes developing a Traffic Impact Analysis or TIA. 

A TIA is an in-depth study that’s required by the City of Austin whenever a new development is proposed that could generate more than 2,000 vehicle trips per day. (You can learn more about a TIA on the City of Austin’s website:

In relation to The Grove, our TIA is studying the projected traffic by assessing the following items:

  • Evaluating the impact of The Grove on the roadways in the immediate proximity;
  • Identifying any potential traffic operational problems or concerns; and
  • Recommending appropriate actions to address such problems or concerns.

Conducting a TIA and finding traffic solutions is a very complicated process. We have had numerous positive meetings with Austin Transportation Department (ATD) staff, and we are clearly moving in the right direction by addressing concerns and answering tough questions.

However, earlier last week, an internal city memo regarding traffic and The Grove at Shoal Creek was sent by a City Transportation staff to the Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem Tovo, and Council Members Pool and Gallo, which gives the impression that our traffic analysis over. This is not correct. Our work with the City on traffic is continuing.

We knew there would be tough questions on traffic, and we are committed to getting them answered. So along with ATD, we are actually, actively and constructively working on traffic mitigation measures. By all accounts from those who are present in our meetings with the city, this constructive collaboration is ongoing and solutions are being worked on.

For example, Scott Gross, a Consulting Engineer with the City of Austin, who has been in almost all of the meetings we’ve had with ATD staff, wrote an email to the Transportation Department this week, which he wrote “to reinforce the high level of on-going coordination and make it clear that our collaborative analysis is not complete.”

In describing the productive meetings we are having with the city, Mr. Gross wrote, “We are encouraged by the applicant's creative, yet pragmatic, approach to this challenging proposal. We feel that with a realistic level of ongoing engagement, we can help the applicant through this phase.”

Rest assured, we are working very hard, listening to you, and working with the city to address the very important issue of traffic and to develop the right solutions.

Once we have it all worked out, we plan to hold a community meeting to fully review our Traffic Impact Analysis and the improvements we propose to make. 

Please contact us about any questions or concerns that you may have about traffic, or any other issue, and we will be happy to answer them.