Let's Get Serious About Traffic

Have you heard that The Grove will “add 19,441 vehicles per day” to Bull Creek Road?
It’s simply not true, and here’s why it’s so wrong.

When traffic engineers study a new development and its projected traffic, they estimate “trip generation” in order to forecast how many cars might enter and exit a site. They use mathematical formulas found in the Institute for Transportation Engineer’s Trip Generation Manual to estimate TRIPS not vehicles.

Again, traffic engineers estimate trips, not vehicles

Let's consider this. One vehicle makes multiple “trips” in a day. For example, you may get in your car, leave your home, drop the kids at school, leave school to go to work, leave work and return home. That's ONE car, making SIX trips. Makes sense, right? 

This is why the number of vehicles is always much less than the number of trips. 
But instead of trying to explain traffic engineering or the differences between trips and vehicles, let’s just talk vehicles.
According to our Traffic Impact Analysis, which has been accepted and approved by the Austin Transportation Department, the busiest segment of Bull Creek Road will see approximately 4,316 round trips from vehicles.
Not 19,441 cars. Not enough cars to line up “bumper to bumper” to Hays County, as some have also claimed.
The approved traffic analysis counts only 4,316 cars over a 24-hour period going in and out of the busiest segment of Bull Creek Road. That is a very manageable amount of traffic.
Let’s get serious. Traffic is a challenge everywhere in Austin and we need to deal with facts, not propaganda.
After we make more than $9 million in improvements to the streets, intersections, sidewalks, and bike lanes bordering The Grove, including adding lanes and capacity to the intersection of Bull Creek Road and 45th Street, the intersections around The Grove will be far less congested than they would be even if the Grove didn’t happen. 
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