The Grove Can ONLY Move Forward If It Makes Economic Sense

As you may have heard, Austin City Council approved The Grove on first reading yesterday. There is still a lot of work to do! A 2nd and 3rd reading is still required to gain final approval. 

For nearly 2 years, we have been working with the community, city staff, and city council on the project, and we look forward to continuing to seek approval of The Grove. (Please urge City Council to approve The Grove. Send them an email today at:

Mayor Adler and his fellow Council Members who voted with him recognize an important point: Everyone wants a Planned Unit Development (PUD) approved for The Grove. With a PUD, the city gets a new, large park, affordable housing, environmental protections, infrastructure improvements and other things that it would not get without a PUD. 

But we must strongly reiterate that The Grove can ONLY move forward as a PUD if it makes economic sense to do so.  

Accordingly, we still have serious concerns with some of the amendments offered by Council Member Leslie Pool that would shrink the project too much or add-on new costs. If the Pool amendments are passed, ARG would be forced to cease pursuit of PUD zoning. We would no longer be able to offer the community benefits that everyone wants. We would be forced to pursue conventional zoning. 

Conventional zoning would result in far fewer transportation improvements, similar or worse peak hour congestion, less parkland, and a less walkable, sustainable and vibrant project. No one wants that. 

ARG would very much like to build the project that was painstakingly compiled through years of discussion with the community and through the effort of world renowned architects. So we remain willing and committed to collaboration and discussion in an effort to find agreement with all parties. 

One final important point: For every day the case has been delayed, the cost of the housing goes up because of the carrying costs of the dormant project and the expense of the zoning. These additional and avoidable expenses add up with each delay and only exacerbate the housing crisis that Austin is currently experiencing.  

Let’s not delay The Grove any longer. Send your email to City Council today: