We are NOT connecting Jackson Ave To Chipper Trail.

You may have heard from the Bull Creek Road Coalition (BCRC) that the new Jackson Avenue -- as shown below -- will allow cars to travel onto Chiappero Trail. A recent alarming email claimed such a plan would "endanger our children" and "destroy this neighborhood."

No such connection is being proposed, and the City of Austin has agreed to prevent cut-through traffic. 

Look below for a diagram of the connection. The City of Austin has agreed with our plan to construct a physical barrier to prevent traffic from driving across 45th from Jackson Avenue to Chiappero Trail. We included this physical barrier in our plan specifically for the benefit of the residents to the north of the project. 

But We Will Make Crossing 45th Street Safer

We're proposing to make crossing 45th Street safer and easier for Shoalmont residents. 

We are proposing to fully fund the installation of a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon on 45th Street and Chiappero Trail, because we want neighbors in Shoalmont to safely bike and walk to and from The Grove. 

As shown below, this new, safer crossing allows pedestrian to cross safely. Click here to learn more about Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons.