Common Sense on the Comparison to Barton Creek Square Mall

In an effort to alarm people, some are claiming that The Grove is larger than Barton Creek Square Mall. 

This "comparison" does not hold up to scrutiny or common sense. 

The Grove is not a major regional mall. 

The Grove will be 86% residential. Individuals and families will call The Grove home. 

No one lives at Barton Creek Square Mall. 

Barton Creek Square Mall is 100% Commercial with 1.4 Million Square Feet of shopping and retail uses.  

The Grove will have less commercial and retail uses than the Kerbey Lane area. 

The Grove is 25% Parkland. 
Barton Creek Square Mall has no parkland. 

One more point: Everyone drives to Barton Creek Square Mall.

With a new trail system, multiple safer street crossings, and a new pedestrian/bike bridge over Shoal Creek, The Grove is made for walkers and cyclists.