This Thursday, Sept. 22...It's On!

After more than 18 months of collaboration and planning, The Grove finally goes before Austin City Council at 2 p.m. this Thursday at City Hall.
Speaker registration is now open in the lobby of City Hall, but you don’t have to wait until Thursday to let Council Members know you want better walkability, more affordability, greater mobility and plentiful parkland in West Austin. 

Click here to send your email of support for The Grove:

Please make sure they hear from you today as they contemplate this historic decision. 

We cannot overstate how vital it is that Council Members hear directly from Grove supporters in huge numbers in order to demonstrate the project’s extensive and passionate community support.
Opponents are gearing up for a big showdown at City Hall. We cannot let them dominate the debate with false claims about the project and its many public benefits.

The "Better PUD," as proposed by the opposition, is a myth. It is simply not financially viable. It would be a shame if the entire process had to start all over again with a traditional zoning application, wherein all of the public benefits being offered as a result of the PUD are lost. 

The choice is clear:

Vote "Yes" to The Grove because it offers greater parkland than what's required by code under a traditional zoning; major traffic improvements that will fix the area's current congestion problems; affordable housing on site; trails and connectivity, a new bridge -- and many more benefits!

Or vote "No" and ensure that this unique property in the urban core ultimately is developed in a much less beneficial way.

Please send Council Members an email of support:
Come join us at City Hall on Thursday. Wear green!