We're headed back to City Council on October 20.

On Oct. 20, The Grove will return to City Council. However, we are not asking our supporters to come with us to City Hall. 

Here’s what is going on. Yesterday Mayor Adler raised an idea to City Council. He asked them to consider approving The Grove on first reading this Thursday in order to move the case forward even though there are still unresolved issues. (The Grove would still have to return for a 2nd and 3rd reading in order to be fully approved in November.)

Mayor Adler asked his fellow Council Members to recognize an important point: Everyone wants a Planned Unit Development (PUD) approved for The Grove. With a PUD, the city gets a new, large park, affordable housing, environmental protections, infrastructure improvements and other things that it would not get without a PUD. 

It sounds like the majority in the community also wants to avoid a scenario where The Grove switches from a PUD to conventional zoning and everyone loses out on all the public benefits. 

We agree with Mayor Adler’s suggestion as a way to keep the case moving forward while the Council continues to work through the issues. And clearly, we also want a Planned Unit Development. 

However, The Grove can only move forward as a PUD if it makes economic sense to do so. We still have serious concerns with some of the amendments being discussed that would shrink the project too much or add-on new costs. As always, we remain willing and committed to collaboration and discussion in an effort to find agreement with all parties. 

In light of the Mayor’s call for passage on first reading on what is certain to not be the final decision, we feel it is wise to save our presentation and supportive testimony for now, and return with our supporters once there is more clarity at City Council on The Grove. Then we will return for the public hearing before final approval. 

So if you’re looking for something exciting to watch on Thursday, turn on the Bears vs. the Packers. Kick-off is at 7:25 PM.