Everyone is concerned about traffic — including us! Our engineers have been working to refine a plan to improve traffic at the key intersections that would serve The Grove. Moreover, these improvements will provide broad traffic benefits to everyone that uses those intersections. The following simulation videos are from the SimTraffic traffic modeling software built into Synchro, the computer-based traffic modeling software that is used to perform Traffic Studies. These are the Bull Creek Road and Jackson simulations. Click here to see the 45th Street and Bull Creek Road simulations. 

NOTE: To allow for easier viewing, the simulation video runs on 2x speed. This means 60 minutes of simulation is able to be viewed in a 30-minute video. That means there are only 3.5 hours of simulation videos instead of 7 hours, which can save you, the viewer, valuable time. Please keep this in mind when you view these simulations. Vehicles are moving twice as fast in the simulation as they would in real time because 1 minute of simulation equals 2 minutes of real time. If there is a 5-second gap between cars in the video, it is a 10-second gap in real time.

  • The videos below show traffic simulation along Bull Creek Road during the PM Peak Hour, which is the busiest traffic time in the afternoon. In this area, the PM Peak Hour occurs between 4:30 to 5:30.
  • The “Existing Conditions” Scenario shows the model of the Jackson Avenue/Bull Creek Road intersection based on “on the ground traffic counts” performed when the Traffic Study was initiated.
  • The “No-Build 2024” Scenario shows what the intersections will look like by the year 2024 with no intersection improvements, no development of The Grove, and only an incremental background growth to the existing traffic. In the model, you see queuing from northbound Bull Creek at the intersection with 45th Street backup all the way past Jackson by the 10-minute mark of the video preventing vehicles from Jackson from turning left onto Bull Creek Road.
  • The “Build 2024” Scenario breaks Bull Creek Road into two section (north and south) to show what the intersectionBull Creek Road and Jackson Avenue, as well as the other Site driveways, will look like by the year 2024 with the incremental background growth in traffic and the additional Grove Traffic, but with the improvements proposed in the Grove Traffic Study.
  • As you watch the “Build 2024” Scenario videos, you will see that the modeling shows the intersection of Bull Creek and 45th Street is more than capable of handling the additional vehicles from The Grove, causing a dramatic improvement in queueing on northbound Bull Creek. This allows Jackson and other streets along Bull Creek Road to function appropriately. It is important to note that this software is only one of many tools used to evaluate traffic impacts around a given project.  There is a confluence of other factors that professional traffic engineers use to evaluate traffic impacts from given projects.  Those other factors can be seen in our full Traffic Impact Analysis.  
  • However, for those interested in the actual numerical results of the simulation for all intersections, the results of the simulation have been and continue to be included in our 400+-page Traffic Study under Appendix L: Sim Traffic Queuing and Blocking Reports. Appendix L includes the results from three different simulation intervals listed as Interval #1, Interval #2, and Interval #3.

Here are the existing conditions at the Bull Creek and Jackson intersection.

Here are the conditions at the Bull Creek and Jackson intersection in 2024 without any improvements and without The Grove.

Here is Bull Creek Rd. to the north of Jackson in 2024 with the intersection improvements.

Here is Bull Creek Rd. to the south of Jackson in 2024 with the intersection improvements.