Proposed Commitments To Create A Shared Vision

Since January 2015, we have been actively meeting with neighbors to create a shared vision regarding the zoning and development of the approx. 75‐acre parcel of land at 45th Street and Bull Creek Road in Austin, Texas.

In May, we created a Commitments Binder. Click here to download a PDF version. 

The commitments ensure that our project will be representative of the vision that we know the neighborhood wants from the survey and visioning we have done.

This document includes each commitment The Grove is prepared to agree to, as well as back‐up information to explain the commitment, provide context, and facilitate further discussion.

The goal is to reach consensus on the following items and in turn make each item a binding commitment that The Grove or any developer of the site is obligated to fulfill. 

The list of commitments covers a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Parks and Open Space
  • Development Form and Intensity
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Site Protection and Sustainability
  • Other Benefits

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