Multi-Modal Plan for The Grove at Shoal Creek:
A Plan for a Robust Pedestrian, Bicycle & Transit System

With the development of The Grove at Shoal Creek, we have a unique opportunity in the heart of central Austin to create an accessible community through the development and implementation of a robust pedestrian, bicycle and transit system. 

We've compiled a Multi-Modal Plan that's chock-full of recommended multi-modal improvements -- all developed and based upon comments received from neighborhood residents, projected future development, environmental considerations/constraints and transportation network continuity.

Simply CLICK THE IMAGE below to view the plan in your browser or on your mobile device using Issuu. 

Or CLICK HERE to download the plan from DropBox. (Warning: It is a very large 80MB file.)

The multi-modal plan is built on the following parameters:

  • To provide pedestrian connectivity
  • To provide enhanced pedestrian safety
  • To build upon existing bicycle network to provide bicycle connectivity
  • Improvements should encourage alternative modes of transportation
  • To incorporate Complete Streets concepts

As part of the project development, The Grove will be completing all site related improvements and will continue to work with both the community and the City of Austin to implement those identified non-site related recommendations.