Meet The Grove's Signature Park.
It's Going to Be Great. 

The Grove will feature 19.88 incredible acres of parkLAND.

At least 16.25 acres will be in the signature park. 

How big is that EXACTLY?

For a size comparison, the HOUSTON Astrodome — which everyone can agree is very big — covers 9.5 acres.

So you can fit two Astrodomes into the amount of LAND BEING DEDICATED AS PARKLAND.  

The enormous Signature Park is the centerpiece of The Grove. In sheer size, this 16.25-acre park will surpass most other parks in the urban core, as you can see in the graphics below.

A large portion of the park will be kept in its natural state, and a large wet pond will be placed at the center of the park, which will be an amenity for all to enjoy.  

Preserving so much park space is rare. But our vision calls for The Grove to go beyond what city code requires for parkland -- so we are committing to a minimum of 19.88 acres of parkland. 

The Grove's Signature Park will be at least 16.25 acres.

That's more than 12 football fields worth of park space!
More parkland will be spread throughout the rest of the site for a total of 19.88 acres. 



2.2 acres

5.3 acres

Austin Neighborhood
3.3 acres

6.4 acres

West Enfield
4.9 acres

8.2 acres