Traffic is an issue we are working on with experts in the field. 

Currently, we propose the following traffic improvements:

  • Reconfigure 45th/Bull Creek Road intersection
  • Add Left Turn Lanes within Bull Creek Road

  • Add a Traffic Signal at Jackson and Bull Creek Road

We will fund 100% of these intersection and road improvements, and we will build them to make sure they get done right.

In addition, The Grove will be highly pedestrian and bike friendly.

Following some of the ideas we heard at the Bike Design Charrette, we're planning a series of well-designed trails, sidewalks, crosswalks and other safety-related measures. This will not only help reduce the number of car trips to The Grove, but also provide central Austin with an unprecedented opportunity for pedestrians and cyclists to safely and easily access dining, housing, shopping and recreation. 

For additional information related to our professional traffic assessment, please visit our Facts about Traffic page.

Rest assured, we are working very hard, listening to you, and working with the city to address the very important issue of traffic and to develop the right solutions.