CLICK HERE to send an email of support to the Parks Board.

We have good news and bad news about the great park you helped design in December.

The good news is, the Grove team is continuing to work toward delivering this park to the public: dedicated, fully funded, and fully maintained in perpetuity so that our grandkid’s grandkids can enjoy the space.

The bad news is that, yet again, there’s an attempt to derail the proper and legitimate city zoning process we are trying to follow.

This time, the park you helped design, of all things, is under attack.

On Tuesday night, The Grove will be improperly called before the Parks and Recreation Board in an attempt to undermine the massive park dedication we are offering to the people of Austin.

There are some who say what we are planning is insufficient and not a proper park. They are manufacturing inaccuracies about the Park to justify their position. For example, some are claiming that trees at Central Market were killed by children playing near them in order to restrict park activity under the trees at The Grove. (Actually, it was a major windstorm.) We must let our city leaders know this cannot go on.

The Grove offers an amazing 18.62 acres of parkland that will include something for everyone: 

  • A Splash Pad
  • A Large Public Plaza
  • Greenbelts
  • Playgrounds for kids
  • Great lawn for fun and games in the sun
  • Pavilion for gatherings
  • Ampitheatre and stage for events
  • Wetland Boardwalk for a nice stroll
  • Miles of trails for walking, hiking and biking

Best of all, The Grove proposes to not only dedicate the park space to the City of Austin, but also pay for the improvements in the Park, and perpetually maintain the parkland at a substantial cost. All of this comes at no cost to the City of Austin or the taxpayers!

The Grove brings much needed housing supply, affordable housing, and a popular mixed-use natural design — all at the request of the community more than 18 months ago. We also offer to pay for and build traffic improvements at nearby major intersections. These improvements have been proven to dramatically reduce traffic wait times at critical intersections. 

We cannot let a distorted point of view about parks derail all these benefits that you will enjoy at the Grove.

Tell the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Board that you support The Grove’s Park Plan by using this link:

CLICK HERE to send an email of support to the Parks Board.

Better yet, come to City Hall at 6PM on Tuesday night and tell them you support The Grove and its incredible parks.

Click the image below to download The Grove's Conceptual Parks Plan.