"Why is there a plan to subdivide the land?"

The Preliminary Plan: The Beginning of the Subdivision Stage


The Preliminary Plan is the next step—and there are many more to come—in the overall process of gaining approvals prior to development. 

So far, we have have filed for the Development Assessment, the Initial Zoning of the property with a Planned Unit Development application, and now, a Preliminary Plan. 

The Preliminary Plan is the beginning of the subdivision stage to divide the property into separate lots that constitute the planned and ordinary course of development for this project.

As the overall Conceptual Plan and Land Use Plan changes, this Preliminary Plan will also change as the specific number, sizes, shapes, and locations of the lots are flexible. 

From the city’s perspective, the main purpose of a Preliminary Plan is to provide a "bigger picture" document that reflects the broader development for things like utilities, drainage, environmental considerations, etc.

The next step in the overall process after the Preliminary Plan will be the filing of subdivision plats that will ultimately be recorded documents that match the Preliminary Plan. The subsequent subdivision plats can be in the form of a single lot from the Preliminary Plan, or multiple lots, or all of the lots as shown on the Preliminary Plan. After the subdivision plats comes the subdivision infrastructure plans, site plans, and building permits. There are multiple applications and approvals from many departments and outside agencies to bring a project to life.

For further clarity on the Preliminary Plan and the overall development, we want to make it clear that the proposed lots are, in no way, a signal that the lots will be sold-off for development as has been previously speculated elsewhere.

This is not a correct assessment. We intend to control the entire development with continued ownership throughout the development process. It is likely that we will partner with experts for some of the development phases to bring the vision to reality. However, with the restrictions that we are putting into place will be entitlements that govern the development on each lot within the property regardless of who owns or develops any lot.

Our goal has always been to collaborate with the broader community on the vision for the overall project. With that, the entitlements will be in place to enforce and direct that broader community vision.

The Preliminary Plan documentation can be downloaded by clicking here. However, it is a very large file. 

For more information, you can contact us at info@thegroveatshoalcreek.com.