We Began With A Survey of Nearby Residents.
Here are the Facts about Our Survey Results:

Shortly after acquiring the property for The Grove at Shoal Creek and prior to beginning the master planning process, ARG Bull Creek exerted considerable effort to survey the neighborhoods surrounding the project in order to understand the broader community’s needs, preferences, and critical issues relative to this project.

This survey was conducted through multiple platforms—two public meetings held on January 21 and 28 as well as an online survey—to ensure that anyone who wished to participate would have that opportunity.


The goal was to hear the voices of the entire community.

We wanted to reach those with the time to engage heavily in the process as well as the many others who care deeply about this project, but simply don’t have the time or flexibility to fully engage. We believe we were successful in reaching both audiences, receiving 216 responses at the two workshops and another 488 responses online.

These survey results, along with the BCRC survey and design guidelines, site investigations, and economic feasibility studies formed the basis on which the Master Plan was conceived.

Our understanding of the broader neighborhood’s vision for the site has continued to evolve through the extensive additional engagement since the completion of the survey, but the survey represents a central basis for our vision for The Grove at Shoal Creek and the most broadly inclusive information we have available.

After completing the survey, The Grove team compiled and presented the results back to the community in a community meeting on February 11.


About the Results

The results for many of the questions where images were rated 1-4 were presented as simple averages. When we first aggregated the survey results, we understood that there are some limitations to averaging these numbers. However, the strength of this approach is that a single number communicates quickly and clearly what a series of numbers or bar graphs would make harder to comprehend, allowing us to communicate the results for multiple images on a single page.

This is essential when designing a lengthy presentation to review a lot of data with a broad range of people.

We used these average scores to communicate two simple ideas: a score higher than 2 indicates that a majority of respondents supported the use in some area of the site, and higher numbers generally meant higher degrees of support.

Since the time of our survey, some have asked for more detailed results to verify the accuracy of these claims.

The full results can be downloaded here.

You’ll find when reviewing the more detailed results that the information we communicated is 100% true for this survey and is fully supported by the numbers.

The average number misses some more nuanced details of the survey, but it remains an excellent tool for quickly and honestly communicating an overview of the survey results.

The most important thing you’ll find when reviewing the survey results is that the responses, whether averaged or reviewed in greater detail, clearly indicated the community’s support for a mixed-use project on this site similar to the project proposed today. 65% of respondents indicated they prefer greater density with more park space to less density and less park space. And a large majority of respondents indicated that retail is one of the most desired uses on this site.

This is why we’re working so hard to deliver a vision for The Grove that includes neighborhood retail and a ton of park space. And this is why the plan will include a wide range of desperately needed housing that addresses an urgent housing shortage in Central Austin, creates affordable housing opportunities in a part of the city where they don’t currently exist, and provides the economic viability critical to making the retail and park possible.

The plan for The Grove will be successful because it is built on three key elements: the community’s vision, the opportunities and constraints of the site and its context, and the economic realities that will drive both the short and long-term sustainability of the project. We look forward to further engagement and refinement of our understanding of the community’s vision as we continue to plan and eventually build the project.

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