Caring for the Live Oak Trees

Do you know that the age of the largest live oaks at The Grove is easily 200+ years? And several possibly compare in age to the famous Treaty Oak! The largest tree is 78-inch caliper and the second largest is 63 inches. 

These trees are healthy and in good condition, showing practically no negative impacts from the recent droughts in Central Texas. 

Best of all, The Grove at Shoal Creek will preserve access to these trees for all. 

Work Performed from May 26 - July 15

We are committed to not just the preservation, but also the stewardship and management of the beautiful heritage oak trees at The Grove at Shoal Creek—so much so that we named our project after them. 

While most of the live oaks are healthy and strong, they have also been neglected for decades and are in great need of proper care to ensure they will continue to thrive for decades to come. Although development of the site will not begin for some time, our responsibility for these trees, one of the site’s greatest natural assets, began the moment we purchased the property. 

In that spirit, and to ensure the long-term health of these trees, we have enlisted the services of local arborist Don Gardner to provide recommendations for the near-term care of the large live oak trees on the site. 

The recommendations include:

1. Careful removal of the many young saplings and many invasive plants that have sprung up immediately around some of these trees and are now competing for light, water, and resources.

2. Careful removal of the vines and poison ivy growing up some of the trees.

3. Pruning to remove dead wood.

4. Pruning to remove damaged branches to allow for proper healing.

5. Pruning to improve the growth pattern of the trees to remove overly tangled and interwoven branches.

We will begin work on the first two items above, removal of saplings and vines, immediately.

The pruning of the live oaks will not begin until the heat of July to avoid the threat of oak wilt.

Click here to see the tree care recommendation report prepared by Mr. Gardner. 

The tree care recommendations are keyed to the tree numbers shown on the survey. 

This information is being provided to inform neighbors about the positive actions Milestone will be taking in the coming months to improve the health of the heritage oaks on site, and to avoid any confusion or concern about the tree maintenance activities once they begin.

No protected or heritage trees will be removed as part of these maintenance activities.
Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding tree care activities at The Grove at Shoal Creek.