Westminster Residents,

Please use this web page to urge Austin City Commissioners, City Staff and the City Council to vote YES and to APPROVE The Grove at Shoal Creek.

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Dear City of Austin Commissioners and Austin City Council Members: 

I am an individual resident of Westminster at 4100 Jackson Avenue, and I urge you to VOTE YES and APPROVE The Grove at Shoal Creek. I support the vision for The Grove at Shoal Creek for the following reasons: 

  1. I am very excited about The Grove at Shoal Creek, the potential for Westminster to expand and be a part of this well designed project, and the benefits this project brings to Austin.

  2. The Grove's neighborhood-friendly design will promote less dependence on cars and a more walkable and bike-friendly community, which will have tremendous health benefits and result in a higher quality of life for both the future residents and the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.

  3. The Grove is consistent with the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan.

  4. The Grove will provide substantial environmental benefits, including preserving and protecting the beloved heritage oaks in the Signature Park, so generations to come can enjoy

  5. The Grove offers unprecedented opportunities for affordable housing. The affordable housing proposed for The Grove is historic because it would be the first affordable housing program within the large 78731 zip code area.

Please complete the form below to tell City of Austin Commissioners, Staff Members and to the City Council that you urge them to support The Grove at Shoal Creek:

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