The Pond at The Grove at Shoal Creek

The Grove at Shoal Creek represents only .7% to .8% of the entire Shoal Creek Watershed. But some still wonder, “How will The Grove impact Shoal Creek when it rains?”

Our Wet Pond will play a big part of our water quality controls.

Improved Detention On-site
The drainage detention provided by our Wet Pond will be above and beyond what the City of Austin requires for development of our site. We will actually reduce the peak volume that sheds off our site during a major rain event, because of how we are constructing the pond and the amount of detention we are providing. In addition to the wet pond, a minimum of 10 acres of impervious cover on the site will drain first into distributed rain gardens and biofiltration features that will increase onsite infiltration and improve water quality.
Cleaner Water Leaves the Site
The City Staff is applauding our plans to use innovative water quality controls throughout the site that will actually defuse rain events across the entire site. Our water quality controls will be beyond what the City would normally require, and will result in water shed from the site to be cleaner than what’s provided by traditional water quality controls. 

The pond will be designed by engineers and landscape architects to be compatible with the natural character of the area, and serve as a functional and beautiful park amenity.

All who come visit the Signature Park—including wildlife—will love it.