Why The Grove's Parks Plan Is Superior

From the very beginning, we set out to design a superior project that would provide superior parks and open space amenities. We are confident that The Grove at Shoal Creek proposal, which currently includes a total of 18.63 acres of publicly accessible park land and open space, delivers just that.

Here are important points to understand: 

  • The city’s approach to evaluating superiority excludes nearly 6 acres of open space from its analysis, land that we believe will actually feature some of the Grove’s most popular park amenities based on input we received from stakeholder surveys. 
  • Our proposed 18.63 acres of publicly accessible park land and open space is 65 percent more than what is required by the Parkland Dedication Ordinance, and more than three times the size of Ramsey Park. But the city only credits the project with 12.88 acres because it excludes or only gives partial credit for land that falls within the flood plain, a good portion of our wet pond, green belts, natural areas, walking trails and public plazas. This land absolutely will be enjoyed by people living and visiting the Grove as much as the active play areas.  
  • Even when only the 12.88 acres of land credited by the city is considered, The Grove still provides 13.5 percent more park land and open space than is required by code. This exceeds the City’s own stated requirement of 10% for superiority.  

We are confident that our current plan for parks and open space amenities — a plan significantly influenced by public input — will be considered superior by residents and visitors to The Grove at Shoal Creek.